Wicked x ASOS: Good Witch / Wicked Witch collections



As they celebrated their 10th anniversary in London, Wicked needed to be perceived as the show to see in 2016, and wanted to reaffirm itself as an award winning, high quality, large scale production. 

Wicked’s core female audience is still as important as it always been and they were after opportunities to tell ‘the story’ online - creating new and interesting ways to share their marketing content. 



We needed to find a brand that could offer Wicked a fresh way to present its brand, in a way that consumers hadn’t experienced Wicked before. We wanted to find a fun, beautiful and stylish piece of activity which reached a huge number of engaged young women who were brand aware and brand loyal.

We also were aware that any partnership needed to include a multimedia, multi-channel approach and ideally also secure brand endorsement.

That’s when we approached ASOS, one of the most disruptive, iconic and dynamic fashion brands to emerge in the 21st century. 



At it’s heart, this campaign saw ASOS editors curate a collection of key fashion items and accessories that played on the Glinda and Elphaba character looks, to create ‘Good Witch’ and ‘Wicked Witch’ collections. Using a contrasting colour palette of greens and pinks, we reflected the two lead characters through selecting eye catching and seasonal clothes and accessories. 

The collections were promoted extensively online, in print, on social media, and were linked to an exclusive competition to win Wicked themed prizes and tickets. 

To drive engagement, they commissioned a fantastic photo shoot in ASOS’s typical editorial style and engaged brand ambassadors to shout about the new collections. To maximise reach they also targeted ASOS media agency contacts to spread the word.

The partnership execution was incredibly stylish and eye catching, levering the ASOS brand to place Wicked in this fashion-focused environment. 


ASOS provided analysis on all competition entries from their Brand Partnerships in 2016 (across their top 20 large scale partnerships) and Wicked had the highest competition rate in relation to Unique Users = 72%.

Nicola Rose - Partnerships Manager ASOS; “We can literally say it was the most successful partnership of 2016”


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